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If you only need the meds here and there, then I think you are on the right track. I chose my surgery b/c I needed my percs every four hours just to feel okay. But, I have gone two years with on and off pain with vicodin if I needed it, but really, I never did unless I traveled, especially flying. I just couldn't spend the next sixty years taking percs every four hours. SO, your back "goes out" instead of "just hurts all the time", is that right? Do some of your own research on Demerol/Morphine versus other Narcotics, I don't think they are much different. What did your PM doc have you on previously?
I think you are doing what is def right for you and def have a good chat with your surgeon. I am not sure about your personal doc's motives. I wish you so very much the best and you will do what YOU need to do. We all do (I LOVE to be redundant!! JK)