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Oh yes, I am getting this pain also... it gets worse as the day wears on and I do more walking, bending, sitting, etc. I also have pain on my tailbone when sitting. My last doctor visit was quite a while ago (at about 7 wks. post-op... and I am now 13+ wks. post-op)... and he said that because of the rods and screws at L5-S1 that more pressure was probably being transferred to the SI joints. He said that he thought it would get better in time, but it hasn't so far. I find that if I keep moving around after walking, if I don't sit too long, and if I don't overdo the bending... that the pain is less. If it is any encouragement, I haven't taken any vicodin in over a week and I have only taken tylenol a few times to get comfortable at night. I would be interested to hear what anyone else's doc has said about this pain.

Best wishes, Mary in Texas