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It most certainly sounds like a fissure, and believe me, I know all about these things :(

fissures can be caused by improper diet, anal sex, or just bad genetics (IBS, etc.) I had 2 of them last year, including a chronic one. Not fun at all. Lots of pain, bleeding, cramping, etc. I'm genetically prone to them -got my first one 15 years ago.

The portruding lump you feel may be the fissure itself. A sentinal skin tag can form around the scar tissue, and it feels like a hemroid. Once the skin tag forms, the fissure is chronic, and will likely need to be taken care of via surgery.

But don't panic. The "surgery" is a 15 minute procedure in which they loosen the muscle interior to the sphincter and get rid of the skin tag and scar tissue. It's a breeze. They knock you out for it, but you wake up 30 minutes later. They send you home with some Vicodin, and you lay in front of the television for a few days. The pain is not that bad at all. I was all worked up over it, and then I had it done and said "that's it?"

Don't be afraid to go to the doctor. They see this kind of stuff all the time. But I would recommend going to a GI doctor first, since they know how to treat this stuff. They can give you medications that can help, such as diltiazem or nitro-glycerin ointment. Or they might send you to a surgeon (I went right to the surgeon).

But I do have to give you a warning about one thing. The GI doctor or surgeon will do a rectal exam that "exposes" the fissure. It will hurt like hell! At least it did for me, and this was because of the fissures. For some people, it isn't that bad. I know this will be rough for you, considering the background. You may also want to get some therapy, it will help with the anxiety a lot.

The big mistake I made with the fissures, is I waited too long to have the surgery. I was in a LOT more pain with the fissures, than after the surgery.

This doesn't mean you will need surgery, but if the ointments don't work quickly, I wouldn't hesitate to have it done. Really, it's nothing. I didn't even have to go to a hospital. It was done at a outpatient clinic -like getting a tooth pulled.

My surgeon told me today, that both fissures are gone!

And don't worry about the embarrassment factor. I joked around with my doctor -it's all I could do! This stuff happens!