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I've nearly been sick a month now and I still don't know exactly what's wrong. I merely hope that you have had the same illness as me in the past and might be able to tell me what it is. I have been diagnosed with bronchitis and influenza, but some of the symptoms vary from both of them. My symptoms are more suggestive of pneumonia, but there's no evidence of pneumonia according to chest x-rays. Is it unheard of for pneumonia to elude chest x-rays?

My symptoms started on or around January 12. Started out with a heat and pressure in my head. Felt kind of unpleasant. Slight malaise. My fever peaked that night at 103.8, with shivering chills and chattering teeth (unheard of in bronchitis to my knowledge, which usually causes low fever with mild chills or no chills at all). This was followed by a steady, hacking cough that was quite severe. This cough would often cause the room to spin after it had stopped and even caused vomiting on occasion. Cough was accompanied by a tickle in the back of my throat, almost like there was cat hair there. Chest pain and breathlessness soon set in, and were worsened by moving around. Also congestion and occassional sneezing. Fever was high at night and low - sometimes normal temperature - during the day. Fever lasted five days, even on last day was still above 100 degrees. Disease lasted eight days. Antibiotics had no effect on its course.

I was better for four days, then it relapsed with a vengeance. I was experiencing such symptoms as severe chest pain and breathlessness, persistant severe hacking cough, coughing bloody sputum, and low fever on occasion. One day I woke up with a headache so bad that I had to take vicodin for it, which had no effect. It felt like someone had bludgeoned me with something. Yet here I am today, almost a month later, and I still wake up feeling feverish, with more or less of a tickle in the back of my throat and congestion. Some days my cough returns and there's still occasionally sneezing. What is it? What do I have? Is it influenza? Is it acute bronchitis? Is it pneumonia despite having a negative for it on chest x-ray? Is it something weird like brucellosis or rocky mountain spotted fever (LOL)? What should I do about it? I don't see the doc again until March 24. By then I'll either be dead or over it (most likely the latter). Thank you for your help! :)