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On Oct 28, 2004, I was doing the normal thing I did everyday, I was getting dressed. I bent over to pick up my shoes and well, you can imagine what happened. I didn't know any better and took the advice from a co-worker that I was overly stressed with tension and I needed to have my muscles relaxed, so I went to a chiropractor. According to the chiropractor, everyone's spine is out of alignment. I guess he has to say that, how else will he make money? The first week of visits were horrid. The pain was so intense, I would cry everytime I took a step. I became depressed and felt useless. Also my body was out of wack, just imagine a boomerang, well that was the shape of my body. After the first week of getting my spine popped, there was no improvement, so I made an appointment with my Primary doctor. He sent me to get some X-rays, that didn't work because I couldn't even lay straight on the x-ray table. A week after he received the results from the X-rays, he realized it didn't show anything, so he sent me in for an MRI. Well the result of the MRI were that there was a small annular tear at my L4-L5. There was loss of disc hydration and disc height with a left paramedian disc protusion. I hope you're following and understanding all this medical terminology, because I don't. Anyway, on my L5-S1, there is also loss of disc hydration and the S1 nerve root is displaced posteriorly, I guess that is what's causing my left leg pain and numbness. Since day one, I have been taking many medications for the pain. I take naproxen for the swelling, Vicodin for the pain, Flexeril for the spasms, Advil in order to tolerate at work, becuase I can't drive while I'm all drugged up, and last but not least, I take Ranitidine to help protect the lining of my stomach from all the other medicine I take. I can't sleep at night without my pain medicine. I was sent for PT, that didn't work becuase it just irritated the swelling more. Then I was referred to a neuro surgeon, who flat out told me he would not operate, (I guess that was good news), but he recommended me to a hemotology/oncology specialist for epidural injections of cortisol. My first injection is tomorrow and I am scared as hell. Can anyone please help with a little encouragment and also if you can help by preparing me for what lies ahead! I would really appreciate it.