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Hi, I've posted on here before, but not since my surgery (Idon't think so anyway) I had a spinal fushion and decompression done at the L-5, S1 area. The surgery too 7 1/2 hours, due to there being a lot of debris covering the nerves, they had to all be cleaned up. I started physical therapy last week, and they started me out slow, but after the session I had Tuesday, I now have a lump on my spine. Could it be overstretched muscles? Should I call my doctor to tell him about this? I have severe foot pain now (which was already there when I started p.t.), which I didn't have before the surgery. It started as leg pain, which eventually went away, but it seems to have settled in my foot. Doc said it could be because the nerves are irritated, and "hopefully" that's all it is. That didn't give me much hope. Vicodin just barely takes the edge off. He has me on Neurontin and Amitripyline besides the Vicodin. At least I can get some sleep with the Amitripyline. I'm getting discouraged. Anyone else have this type of problem? Did it heal itself after awhile? Jean
I really have no clue about the lump - sorry, I just wanted to wish you luck with your recovery. I would certainly ask the Dr ASAP about things. When did you have your surgery? It seems not long ago if you've just began PT? I am surprised your only on vicodin for pain... I would never have managed this soon out with just that. your right Re: the bedtime meds the Amitripyline & Neuronton do help tremendously with sleep - but I wish you were more comfortable during the day:(

Try not to get discouraged, hopefully the worst part is now behind you.
Gentle Hugs.
Bionic Witch