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[QUOTE=Anxiety Man]
I don't know why my Dr. can't give me something that will cut and thin (eliminate?) that garbage in that eye completely, when I get up with it like this!

I think this is what we all want. :)

I have been neglecting my eyes a little bit also. (and I'm sure I'll be yelled at for that at my next visit to the eye dr.) But I just had surgery on wednesday and I've been taking Vicodin (prescription pain medicine) and sleeping so much that I haven't been putting in the tears or allergy drops nearly as much as I should be. But you know what? I am in the house 24/7 so my eyes aren't bothering me nearly as much as they do when I go outside. We know I have severe outdoor allergies but the allergy drops don't help much. :(

Isn't it really gross when you have so much mucus and crap in your eyes? It is the worst feeling.