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I would definantly keep watch on your back. I had a C-4/5 disc herniation and never went to the dr until to was too late. Well, you would have thought I would have learned my leason. I began several months ago waking up with a sore back and leg and foot numbness. Again I put this off. Well I am now two days post-op. I hade fractured my back, had DDD at two levels, and two discs were pushing on the nerves. I tried an epidural with no relief. I pretty much had immediate surgery after I could not walk for two days and was sent home from work. Point is, keep a close eye on your back, it can change quickly. As far as meds go, anti-inflammatories did not help me either. Its hard to say if it just the codeine in Tylenol 3 that make you feel that way. All narcotics have some drowsiness effect to them, however no to people respond the same to them. If they are not working for you pain wise, I would request someting like a previous post suggestes (Darvocet) or a low dose of vicodin. Some people like ultram which is a "non-narcotic" but still has addicting properties. It didn't personally work for me, but you can do a search on here for it and find success stories.

Good luck
Hi Krissy! I hope you can find relief soon. I've been through quite a few painkillers. I started with Darvocet, but that gave me headaches and didn't help my back much. Then I switched to Vicodin, but that just made me sleepy. My neuro told me to take Motrin in addition to the Vicodin, but that didn't help either. So I went back to my family doctor (who has known me since I was 7) and begged him for some relief. He put me on Mobic which I understand is sort of an arthritis drug similar to Vioxx, but it seems to help me a little. I also have a portable TENS unit that I got prescribed to me. When it gets really bad, that makes it a little better. I sit at work all day, and sometimes I can't get up out of my chair because it hurts so bad. Or when I do get up, I hobble all hunched over like a 90 year old woman. I hope this gives you some ideas. Good luck! :wave:

Hi Krissy,
I had a herniated disk L5-S1 with sciatica and have a buldging disk on L4-L5 as well as ddd. I went almost 5 months of severe pain before I was able to see a doctor (insurance issues) Once I was able to see my doctor, I was put on bextra and flexaril, ibuprofin then darvocets...it didn't help so they moved me up to vicodin...and then to percocets. I've had 2 epidural injections and finaly I had a surgery called a discectomy this past october. They took out the bad part of the disk on the L5-S1 level. I'm feeling much much better. I am no longer having the piercing pain shooting from my back down to my foot. I am able to sit and stand for more then 5 minutes too....and am no longer on any pain medications.....what a relief.
Most docs will try all non-surgical procedures first..which may include pain meds, ice, physical therapy, water therapy, cortizone or steriod injections. If all fails, then surgery may be an option. For me, antiinflamatories did not work..in fact the bextra made things worse..and I also didn't feel any relief with the ibuprofin. Just remember that each person is different... Best of luck to you