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Just had to post on WC. I broke my ankle/foot at work 2 years ago. I broke it on a Saturday overnight shift about 4 am. Being there were only 2 staff on, myself included as one, I had to stay there until 7am when the next shift came in. Anyway my Aunt is an ED nurse and told me the emergency rooms were jammed( I just worked 9p-7a) and gave me the name of a foot and ankle Dr. about 1/2 hour from me. I went there, he took me out of work for 3 weeks, and at this point didn't find the break, gave me pills and a brace and sent me home. Monday morning my HR calls and says I have to see our comapny Dr. and couldn't see this one I went to. She said they'd pay his bill but I couldn't go back to him. I went a few days later to my company Dr. there they found I broke it in 2 spots gave me some vicodin and said I could return to work with restrictions the next day! I tried fighting with the Dr. and company but ultimitly I lost. There is a certain time frame thing though. I can't remember if it's 30 or 90 days, but if your comapny has this certain policy you MUST see their Dr. for that 30 or 90 days. After that you can see anyone you want. My foot, that probably should of been healed within 2 months lasted almost 6, and I think it was because they shipped me right back to work! There is no "light duty" in health care. Your on your feet...broken or not! Just thought I'd add that, while it was a while ago I still recall the frustration :eek: