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No fire here! LOL I agree - I tend to try to 'rush' things. Also, I don't want to worry about becoming dependent but like I told my sister - when it's this kind of pain you don't really get any kind of high off the meds - it's totally different. I've taken Pamprin before and felt fuzzy headed but since my surgery taking percocet didn't really make me feel fuzzy it just worked for the pain. I'm not taking perc any more - just robaxin and vicodin and I've decided I'll be sure to take it every 6 hours or so whether I feel the need or not and I'll know when it's time to push it out a little later. Having the pain under control is so much better than trying to get it under control after it's run away with me!

I had an IDET 7 years ago and I remember having pain with it but nothing like this pain has been. I can only imagine what those of you have gone through with fusion. I do not ever want to experience it. I will take great care to make sure I don't cause myself to ever need one although the neurosurgeon says I probably will need one in the future.