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If it makes ya feel any better Im a mess today too. Nothings helping. The only thing that did help was the Oxycontin, but I was a zombie, and Perocet and Vicodins give me headaches. My husband thinks Im nuts that a pain killer gives me a headache, but it does. Sometimes I think no one understands what us "spinal" people go through day after day, even to just get out of bed. The only one that does in my family is my dad b/c he had surgery 2 years ago on C5-6 and now C3-4 are herniated, but says he wont go through surgery again.

Now I feel like Im whining but, sometimes we all need a good whine, cry, whatever. I just want to go back a year and kick the you know what out of that guy that rear-ended me because "he was running late for lunch". Grrrr...here I go again. I hope you get some sleep tonight Melina, it sounds like youve had a rough couple of days. :angel: And no, youre not going crazy. We all understand.

HERNIATION T7-T8. Hemangioma T10. T9-12 small herniations. Lumbar 3-4, 4-5 mod sized herniations. Cervical C5-8 small herniations. Spinal stenosis in Sacral area.

Thoracotomy on Oct 25th, 2006....disectomy decompression fusion. The surgery was just like MONTY said. Word for word. Then 3 months in shell brace, home health care PT and nurses to shower and care for me. During that time I barely used pain meds...taking Vicodin as needed. During recovery the pain felt surgical....always at a solid 6-8/10. I thought as long as it gets rid of the thoracic pain. THE THORACIC PAIN- right ribs, heavy chest, stabbing back pain radiating to right scapula and shoulder. Just as described here by many.

Took brace off as per Surgeon at 3 months....4 days after that and the last 3 weeks , the PAIN came back 10/10 EXACTLY THE SAME as piror to surgery. I feel like I am going NUTS....the surgery was NO JOKE...a Thoracotomy is very dangerous. I went thru that so this would go away....ITS STILL HERE. I need another MRI to see what happened. This is a nightmare. I have cervical and lumbar herniations as well....BUT THIS THORACIC IS HORRIBLE. Its undescribable. And I try and be so brave with my pain management. I barely take anything....its getting to sound a little dumb to me that I am suffering so much only taking a pill every 6 hours. Life events made me into a brave fighter type of person,....but now the pain is more than I can bare. Heat helps alot....as does inactivity. I would rather not have to take anything....but the whole natural thing is getting old for me who is dealing with this for over a year now. The pain is the type of pain that goes right through your soul. Man...it really lets you know you're alive. But when it goes on too long....its mind-numbing. I've been crying for 3 weeks now b/c its just .....what is the word here...."horrible". And that is sometghing that you other Thoracic sufferers understand.....nobody else will understand this.

To the person who said they had a herniation at another level after their surgery....how did it feel that you knew that?

And for anyone thinking oof getting the minimally inavasive corrective surgery for THORACIC>>>DONT that's a big no -no.....You want your doc to open you up all the way....if not...he/she might miss something with these new endoscopic procedures. There are too many important things in that area to leave to a scope to control.

That my story for now...more to come. Please pray for me. As I will incluide all of you in my prayers as well.

Thoracic people....anyone have any advice for us???
I must say I'm shocked! I thought I was the only person in the world with thoracic pain! I have most of the symtoms listed in the many posts. My biggest problem is MRI shows nothing wrong so most of the docs say live with it. The pain doc finally started taking me seriously, after 4+years. The last visit he did cervicle facet joint injections on both sides of c5/c6. Guess what? I don't think they are working. Next he says he wants more "scans". Meanwhile I just take my drug cocktail and hang around the house. Yes there is a storm comming to West Michigan tonight so I will take a vicodin and space out. Later!