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:bouncing: Hi Everyone!
I am so happy to have found people to talk to about back problems!!! I was wondering if anyone has any advice? I hurt my lower back at work in May 2003. Since then, I have had nothing but increasing pain, leg pain and numbness, upper back pain, and my legs are numb frequently. I have had 2 MRI's. First one after accident showed slight disk bulge at L5/S1. Second one was 10months later and showed worsening bulge and nerve root compression. I have seen 2 neurosurgens (one I have seen twice) and neither thinks it's bad enough for surgery. I'll take that back, my last visit was in late Jan. this year. My dr. sent me without a new MRI (dah!) so there was not much he could without it. There has been significant neurological changes so the neuro ordered a new MRI. Now I can't get it because workman's comp is refusing to pay! (I have a lawsuit.)
I just don't know what to do next. I have tried physical therapy. It was much too painful. I had epidural injections, they didn't help AT ALL. I've even had a nerve root block injection (VERY painful by the way), but it only helped for 1 day. I am on Vicodin and have been for quite a while, but it is starting to lose it's effect. I can't even do things such as go for a walk with my kids. I can't take it anymore!!! HELP me understand that it will get better, cause right now I don't see it???