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I'm curious - after my hemilaminectomy and facetectomy - it'll be three weeks this Thursday, is it normal that my big toe and foot and ankle would still be completely numb? I understand the numbness could last for months as nerve heals, is that correct?

Also, I have lots of muscle pain in the same leg. I am down to vicodin and robaxin about 4 times per day so i see improvement. I haven't had my first post op visit yet. I'm walking. Driving, if I'm not careful and pace myself, can bother my back into spasms. I have learned to pace myself and not overdo it.

I'm worried I won't be ready to go back to work at 4 weeks. Is it unreasonable to ask the dr to let me have 2 more weeks? I get up almost nightly due to leg pain (notice the time) and use ice and take meds and stay up for 45 minutes or so until I have it under control enough to lie back down.

Every day seems different now so I do believe I'm improving - I guess I was just hoping for faster recovery. I know, slow down and take my time, right? I have learned that - psychologically it's difficult. Thanks for input. Becky