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Hi Valley, I hope your day has gone well. I'm so glad to see another medical person here. It's true we see so many things from one end of the spectrum to the other. I can't say I like the hydros, (Loritab, Vicodin, etc) or alcohol, they make me sick, but the Percocet and I get alone just fine, or so I thought. It is also true that we Nurses, Dr's, ER, Trauma, etc. do not take care of ourselves. Anyway, thank you for responding and I look forward to getting to know each of you.

Last night was rough, this morning was also rough, but this afternoon, I seem to feel a little better. This I do know, God will never leave me nor will He put more on me than I can bare. I just want to make sure He remembers that I'm sinking down here with all that life has thrown my way lately. :)

I hope your day has gone well, and I hope that you have some measure of laughter and joy in your life. Laughter is very important to me, I love to see the funny side of life and laugh. Now lets see what this nite brings. One hour at a time right?

Have a good evening :)