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I've been suffering with mine for 7 weeks, and the Physical Therapist told me that it's not unusual to suffer for up to nine months before you get back to normal.

I am in so much pain, and am so tired of living on vicodin, that I will probably have the microdiscectomy soon. My neurosurgeon said 97% of patients receive considerable sciatic relief from that surgery.
Thank you so much for the guidelines. I certainly want to avoid permanent nerve damage.

My neurosurgeon's office is scheduling the surgery, but the physical therapist would like me to try McKensie (sp?) exercises first. Is anyone familiar with those? I should probably just start a new thread about it. Anyway, the PT wants me to give these exercises a try for three week before scheduling surgery. He is trying to get my neuro to sign off on it. I just know the PT taught me just one exercise that I have practiced faithfully for the last 5 days, and I've gotten worse :confused:

One thing though, the PT thought I shouldn't be taking Vicodin. He said that the need for pain meds is a emotional reaction to the pain. Of course he also jokingly(?) said that I was a "blonde drama queen" (because I'm blond and my profession is in the theatre). I thought that was a little strange. I was being very professional with him, and certainly not emotional.

I have so much respect for all of you who have had to deal with this for so many years. I have gotten so much information from reading your posts.

over a few years time a ruptured disc will srink and calicify and without another rupture most who suffer low back pain recover with normal treatment,because they have no nerve involvement. those with nerve involvement only have surgery when all else has failed,the reason surgery is a last resort is that the failure rate is high. success is mesured only by partial relief and the halt of further nerve compresion.this being said lower back pain is the second highest reason for doctor visit in the usa beating out only by the common cold.and hydrocodyne,ie lortab,vicodin and other such opiates is the single most prescribed drug in the usa.

well it easy to see what i do while sitting here off work. :p i do enjoy reading and since this leg pain is on my brain i read alot about it,god bless: tracer.