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Thanks for the advice.

My appt went well. The surgeon says I have good flexibility. I've been faithful at doing my bending exercise using a chair that rolls. I have also started doing a few exercises a couple times a day which the therapist told me to do. My first real therapy session is tomorrow. I am a little nervous about the pain. I can't take any vicodin, because I need to drive myself there. I certainly can't wait for my leg to get back into shape. My thigh and calf are MUSH! It's amazing how fast the muscle deteriorates. Although the doctor said that the surgery is pretty invasive on the quads due to how the graft is pulled through.
gnote....just wondering how you are coming along. I read what you said about not being able to take vicodin since you have to drive yourself and I had to drive myself to therapy as well. Oh how I remember!! And I can't believe how quick muscle deteriorates either! Not to scare you, but my quad completely shut down, but keep in mind that I had a lot more than a tear in my ACL, so that's probably why and I'm sure you will have better luck rebuilding. Being female, I really didn't have much muscle there anyway, but I guess it takes females a lot longer to build muscle (so I've heard anyway). I'm with a trainer and almost have the left knee(bad one) the same size as the right knee(good one). As much as it sucks, continue your exercises (I sound like a mother, sorry!) and you will get through it. How did you tear your ACL?