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New here and have been reading lots of posts...seems we're all in a similar place. I feel a little crazy, esp. if I listen to my doc....it seems she thinks I'm just getting older...duh...I am!! Briefly symptoms started in my 40's (now 58) with: all intermittant: migraines, esp in mornings~ pins & needles (neck,arms,legs) transient tendonitis~ joint pain~ double or blurry vision that lasts 24 hrs, may or may not travel to opposite eye~ hives and hypersensitivity~off balance type of dizziness (or I'm clumsy)~Ear buzzing (as opposed to ringing LOL)~Tremors, fine and sometimes not so fine....chronic t-spine back pain(from old fracture) muscle spasms and cramps(mainly trap muscle and calf/foot). Have had several trigger finger releases, carpel tunnel release, and shoulder impingement/tear repair. While on the table the ortho doc said "you have RA don't you?" sent to a Rheum. doc....he said "nope" all the sx are occuring more frequently and more intensely...and yep, I'm older....smile!
Eye exam: normal
MRI: essentially normal: venous angioma and a couple of perineural cysts
Meds: Topamax and Maxalt : Migraines
Advil: Lots !! Atarax: hives Xanax: at night to sleep
Vicodin: if I need it for the back........any ideas here? Thanx!!