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Dear Folks

Yesterday night I got very scared. Kindly help me with your suggestions. Thanks all.

1. Low back pain (when bending) for the last 4-5 yrs. Never had radiating pain. Also pain in right feet for the last 3 yrs.

2. Xrays, MRI and CAT scan of right feet showed no significant findings.

3. Last few months numbness and tingling (occasional) of right feet and back pain got worse.

4. Xrays of back showed nothing. MRI showed 6mm central focal herniation of L5S1 disc touching both S1 nerve root sleves. Also partially degenerated. and borderline stenosis.

5. Ortho and neurosurgeon wanted discectomy but left upto my decision.

6. Started PT last week with back bending (cobra in yoga). Also naprosyn (500mg) and robaxin prescribed. Vicodin when pain is worse.

7. Back pain got better in a week but both feet very TIRED and ACHY (worst). Yesterday night both feet got numb and very TIRED. Tablets made me nauseating and felt very depressed.

I am 27 M (otherwise very healthy) live alone. Parents and relatives and best friends live on other side of the world.

Kindly tell me when to go to emergency. Very afraid that legs will lose function. Thanks for the help. Right now I can walk (no numbness but very weak, tired and tingly).

Thanks once again and sorry for the long post.

Houston SB