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First I cannot thank you all enough for your support. Despite being in huge pain this week, you all have made me feel supportable and un-alone- Reading yourreplies has literally been the difference between curling up in bed and getting up some days. :angel:

Today was my appt and I went in loaded for bear. I truely expected to be dismissed by the doctor.

When he asked how I was doing I let him know - terrible. :o That I resented being treated like a drug addict, that I was ok without the oxy (as evident by being 1 week cold-turkey off the med) and that if that was what he needed to see - that I could live without it, he'd succeeded, but that I was back to being in constant, severe pain, and was having to chose each day between working, or functioning as a wife/mother. I asked why if I wasn't deemed healed enough to return to work full time, or to begin Phys. Therapy (he'd said at the last appt he wanted me to wait as he was worried beginning PT would stress the already "lose" screw and soft - un fusing bone) why suddenly I should be ok to function with no pain meds. I didn't care he he perscribed oxycontin, morphin, or lighter fluid so long as made me not hurt so badly. I then asked if this was as good as I was to expect my recovery to get- and if so for a referal to pain management, as if he was uncomfortable with perscribing the meds, then perhaps a pain management doctor would be a better choice, because I couldn't live this way.
Somehow I got though that with only a few tears...

He said he was "concerned" that I was on such a high dose of the oxy (I had been taking 20 mg/10mg/20mg) but if it was working and since I had tried being off of it (he had wanted to "see if I still needed" it as sometimes the medicication masks where a "patients pain levels really are"), he'd put me back on it at 10mg every 12 hrs plus vicodin for BT plus soma. PLUS we are finally trying Physical Therapy.

I asked about what happens next month when I need a refill, and he says he will refill it at the same level until I no longer need it. He also wrote the vicodin & the soma with 2 refills on them. I will have new x-rays taken by my next appt. He said we'll wait to see the Pain Clinic until i've tried physical therapy for 1 month.

I am still not comfortable with him, and now am scared because nothing has really changed-- I am going to pick up the oxy because I am in too much pain to not... I know I can go without it, and now i'm obviously going to be on this super low dose... but it does work for me, and anything has to be better then where I am now... I feel like he is just covering his butt !

If a screw is truely loose and moving, what will happen in Physical Therapy? How much worse can it get? Will it help? Any suggestions for what to do next? I am trapped because no other dr will touch me and the only way I can get into pain management is with his "blessing"... so i'm stuck playing his game right???

Sorry for the novel,
-Thank you all, may you have a painfree day :angel: ,

She Sparkles: Please answer this one question...why can't you start over with a new primary care Dr.? Then I will go from that answer.

Last Thursday when I first ran out of pain meds and I called DD (devil Dr) and learned he'd be gone until Tuesday and then again Wednesday I called MY primary care dr (who is a good "Family" doctor) to ask for help. She said she was unable to write a perscription for the oxy because I was under the care of the "specialist" who had "just" performed the surgery (3 months ago) and she was uncomfortable taking over before I was "healed". She offered (late Tues.) to call in Vicodin (but not oxycontin) - however by that time I had the vicodin from DD. I could go see her, as she has been my doctor for almost 10 years, but she has very clearly stated she is uncomfortable getting involved in the middle of me and DD. I could probably ask either HER or my Rheumatoligist (I have Rheumatoid Arthritis) for a pain doctor referal but am VERY concerned about the fact that that looks, even to me, pretty drug seeking (NOT going to a Pain Dr, but getting the recomendation from my Rheum -when its not RA causing my pain, or from my family dr -"against the wishes" of the surgeon---right???) As evidently DD has "concerns" about my oxy usage, I am really trying to avoid anything that looks like drug seeking behavior, despite my GUT reactive which is to beg for something stronger... again, it doesn't have to be oxy... all I know is I HURT!!!!!

If someone sees where I am making a mistep... PLEASE ADVISE, I just know I feel dirty and sneaky, and as if i've done something wrong... and all I frigging want is to be able to make it through a day without crawling by the evening or being in tears from the pain...

thank you
hi all :wave:

I have to say that I am feeling much better today... amazing how some sleep and some pain relief will do that! I took ONE oxy yesterday at 4:00 and a Soma at 9:00 and slept 6 hrs... I'd been averaging about 2 a night. Feel MUCH better!!! :bouncing: As usual thank you all for your support.

Ok, now that I am functioning back in the lower relm of the pain scale 5-ish... let me tell you my plan, I STILL trust DD about as far as I can toss the man... however, as I unfortunately and PAINFULLY learned this past week, no dr in the greater PHX area will touch me with a ten foot pole (I callled over 30 back doctors) until I am (at a minimum) 6-9 months out of surgery. SO I am buying time.... this probably is NOT in my backs best interest (my guess would be that it would be adviseable to fix the problem sooner then later, however unless DD has a miraclulous moment it looks that he will continue to dodge this path...) I have "his word" in front of the receptionist and nurse (for whatever good this will do) that he will continue the oxycontin on the 10/10 dose until "I feel I no longer need it", and I have 3 months of perscribed Vicodin and soma sitting at my pharmacy. Additionally, he promised (again, whatever good there is in that) that if I am still in "this amount of pain" after starting the Phys Therapy and while taking the current meds, we will discuss going to a pain clinic at my next appt (in 4 weeks)... Evidently in AZ I can't get into a pain clinic without my surgeons referal either - called 13 pain management drs/clinics)...In these next 3 months (I'll be at 6 1/2 months post surgery then) I will have a) had 3 months of physical therapy (DD is having me start Phys Therapy next week) b) possible pain clinic referal c) will have reached the magical 6 month mark where I will no longer be looked at as a leper while looking for a second opinion.

By the way, while looking at my chart pre-his coming in (I always read my chart -anyone else? the nurse glare at me, but isn't it MY chart??) I saw where at my last appt his notes read "placement of scres looks "excellent"... where I KNOW he said the screw had moved from looking at the x-ray and the "radioactive" marker... huh???

She Sparkles - To answer your question, if my back was my only health issue, I could consider leaving my pcp over this... however... I also have Rheumatoid arthritis, asthma, migraines and fairly advanced osteoporosis (-2.8 bone density - bones of an 80 year old, and i'm 33 :eek: ). She has helped me fight my insurance for approval for meds (Remicaid -an infusion med for my RA) that costs over $5,000/mo. as well as the referal to the DD in the first place. She has been my advocate for over 10 years. She is willing to help me in this fight, but was unwilling to write the perscription for oxycontin that another dr was refusing. I was dispointed (to say the least) but on some level understand that in current climate she has to protect her self. She did offer to call in Vicodin, and if I'd have pressed the matter (or gone in to see her) I probably could have pushed her to write the script... and damaged my relationship with her (she is the dr I can call and describe my sysptoms, and she'll call in a script based on my past needs if I can't get in). I understand your point and your advocacy... and thank you for your support. At this point, re-establishing a relationship with a dr for ALL of my needs is something I just don't have the strength to do.

I feel my fight was with the doctor who is responsible for my back and post-surgical care... DD! Should I have had to (after only 3 months??) be relaying on outside doctors who didn't have anything to do with my back issue to perscribe post-surgical meds???

I still want medication that works, amazingly it was just 2 weeks ago I was asking about changing to a med that worked better than oxy, because I felt my 20/10/20 dose was ineffective... suddenly I am very grateful for 10/10... remind me not to take this for granted :)

Just a quick note her that it has now been nearly one week on this new dosing schedule, and I am taking:
10 mg oxycontin at 7 am/10 mg 7 pm and Vicodin appx 3 x day
+ 1/2 Soma at 7am, 1/2 at 2:00 and 1 whole at bedtime (they work but are very sedating so only can tolerate 1/2 when I need to work/drive).

DD has NOT called about setting up the PT as promised, so (as usual) I will call tomorrow to inquire (he said they'd call Monday or Tuesday).

I have tried, really, really tried... and I have not taken a single oxy more or earlier than I've supposed to but I HURT SO BAD (well duh, they more then halved my dose that was just barly working!!). I am trying to buy my time guys, I really am, but am struggling. I keep re-reading my posts, and i'm sure this is better than it was when I had NO meds (I felt better day 1-2 but that quickly went away-I idioticly tried to pick up the house yesterday!!!) and am fighting w/ hubby and working TOO much (supposed to be 3-4 hrs but has been closer to 6)... I am really near end of my rope here...

I feel like I can barrel through the next 12 weeks (heck, you can do anything for 12 weeks, right??) until I can get another dr to touch me, but how do I fuction as a human during that time? My home is a disater of the upmost... I try to do laundry but getting wet clothes from the washer to dryer may as well be water tourture... and vacuume??? NOPE!!! Can they take my kids away for this?? My hubby and I had a huge fight and all I could do was take it because he was right, I am so feeling like worst mom, worst wife and lover??? hahahahahahahhhahahahahah

okay, enough venting.... I've chosen my bed, (recliner, I can't lie in my bed-it hurts too much) so I'll lie in it another 3 months, but how do I "act" human in the meantime??????????????????????