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This is a long story:
I went to the ER this past Monday due to severe pain in my back (left side) and groin area. It was worse than when I had my baby 4.5 months ago! They gave me morphine and did a CT scan, which revealed a kidney stone in the ureter, and another in the other kidney (not bothering me a this time). They sent me home with orders to strain the urine.

I threw up all night (I thought it was from the morphine). I was not really able to urinate because I hadn't been able to hold down any fluids.

I went back to the hospital at the urologist's request, where they did surgery to remove the stone. A stent was placed because my ureter was swollen shut.

The stent was removed two days later. Immediately following stent removal, I had the terrible pain again. I took some vicodin, which seemed to help A LOT. Went back to the doctor and he told me that part of the stone had broken off when he tried to remove it, and I am still trying to pass it.

That was two days ago. I am still in pain and taking the vicodin, which I think is making me feel yucky (I threw up this morning). I had another episode of terrible pain last night until the vicodin kicked in.

The doctor told me yesterday that if I don't pass this thing by Monday, they will do surgery again to remove. I am also scheduled for the shockwave therapy in a couple of weeks.

My question is - is there anything I can do to get this thing to pass? I don't want surgery again, and I hate feeling this way. I have a 4.5 month-old baby that I need to take care of and am really having a hard time. I am depressed and upset (and feeling kind of sorry for myself).

Also, there is blood in my urine still. And sometimes the strainer catches string or clot-like things (red in color).

Can anyone help me, please? I am really having a hard time with this.

Thank you so much for reading.
Hey, thank you so much for your reply.

The doctor did not say that the stone was too big to pass. in fact, the original stone was pretty small - 3mm, I think. And I am only trying to pass part of it right now.

I am feeling better, but the vicodin makes me feel kind of yucky. The pain is bad on and off.

Thanks again for your reply. It's nice to know that I am not alone.

HOw long did it take you to pass your stone(s)?

I will definitely mention that drug to my doctor. Are there side effects?