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I'm confused about your post. You said your Dr. Prescribed you OxyContin SR and OxyContin 40mg. This is the same thing unless its a different dosage (mg). Are you sure you didn't get OxyContin 40mg and Oxycodone IR (Immediate Release). Or did you get two different mg's of OxyContin? When I get my OxyContin, the bottle say OxyContin SR (Sustained Release). But it is common for a doctor to prescribe OxyContin with another opiate like Oxycodone IR (Immediate Release) Percocet or Vicodin for breakthrough pain. It is ok to split one of those pills (Vicodin, Percocet). DO NOT ever split or cut an OxyContin pill though. These are made to release the drug (Oxycodone) over a period of time (8-12 hours). If you cut an OxyContin Pill, you ruin the time release mechanisim and release all that drug at one time; very dangerous. If you can, post what your pill bottle says and we can see if you have the same thing or if you have OxyContin and a Breakthrough Pain drug.

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Well if you had 180 say Vicodin and they said take 1/2 two times a day that would last 180 days which is almost 6 months but I do not know about the meds you are on, But if it is a capsule that would be impossible or if it is a time release. Hmm sounds like you need to call the doc. Did you call him when you got the message from the pharmacist that slitting them was a no no because if that is a fact then it sounds like your doc needs some med. education and now you are paying the price for it. How long ago did he RX it? was it recent enough that you can call him and say that you were informed not to do this? ;)