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Hi all! I am taking 3 colozaw 3x a day, potassium due to lack of it, short term predazone(thank God), phenegran for nausea, vicodin for pain and I have had one infusion of Remicade before I left the hospital. I go to see my Gas doc tomorrow for my first time since I got out. I'm not looking forward to the remicade. I have a stint in my right arm so they can administer the drug to me thru IV at home. A nurse from Spectra Care comes every week to clean my dressing and stuff.

I've been feeling better the last few days. Except I keep stuffing myself! I get these hunger urges just out of the blue and can't seem to stop eating until I am so full, then I have to go to sleep! I don't now what is up with that, but I know it has to stop! This disease is really weird! :wave: