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Wow, I really thought at 5 mos. post op 2 level/360 fusion that I would be doing alot better! Yesterday I didn't get out of bed. I feel like I am spiraling down fast. I go for a CT scan in April and hopefully it will show some good news. I wanted to return to work by July! That is my goal, but since I am still in a hard shell brace and no P.T yet I don't know how realistic that is. I have 2 large scars along side my 2 old ones and I keep telling myself all the pain is from those, but my tailbone has been burning and throbbing so much lately. The leg pain is a constant, but I would live with that if the back pain would just go away. I am only 42, and I can't imagine living for another 10 or so year like this. It really sucks!!!! I am going to get out of the house for alittle bit, I get even more depressed if I stay home when I am feeling like this. Even if the pain is bad I just take an extra Vicodin and get out to do something. It gives my husband something to compain about, I usually go out and spend money! Ha, Ha It all for the good of my mental well being, and let me tell you he doesn't want to mess with that at this point! Ha, Ha :eek: Take Care All and Have a Beautiful Day!