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I am currently taking 10/325 of percocet. One thing to be weary of: the amount of tylenol you are taking. I was on 5/325 but I was taking two at a time up to four times a day (not now though) and if you do the math, that is a fair amount of tylenol. (even though you CAN have up to what, 4000mg a day?) Anyway, my PM doc said that was an awful lot so he bumped me up to the tens. So now I can take say one ten and get 1/2 the acetametaphen. That is one thing to ask about. even though it is a higher dose, it might help keep you from taking so many at once (if that is ever an issue). Other than Vicodin, I don't know what else to suggest. Hope your appt goes well though!
My PM has me on MS Contin(Morphine Sulfate Tab SR 12HR 15mg) I take one three times a day. They help keep my pain tolerable as long as I don't overdo it.

Like you I took Vicodin and Percocet for many months and I think I also built a tolerance up for it. Seems better now.

Be real open with your PM. In my experience they seem alot more interested in controlling your pain then the surgeons.