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Well, I guess if you count thinking about quitting and trying to convince myself to quit...then there would be hundreds of failed attempts. However, this is the first time I actually quit...tapered down and then stopped actually taking them. So...I quess it depends on your point of view.

I consider this to be my first and last time at the detox...quitting process. I have now gone 5 days without vicodin...up until last thursday I had taken them every night for at least 5 years. Now I am trying to figure out how to get along without my 'little buddies'.
Hi Goddessgrl,

Sorry to hear that you are not feeling so well. Hope you're feeling better today. I am hanging in there. Focusing less on my husband and more on myself. He claims to have quit the oxy cold turkey as of late-January. I am highly skeptical as I found an empty prescription bottle for vicodin that was filled on March 12th and by a doctor I've never heard him mention. In the past, he had always said that he gave his vicodin to his mom and that he never took that. Well, there sat an empty bottle from less than a month ago. He claims he flushed them. I guess he must think I'm an idiot...who in their right mind is going to go purchase a prescription only to come home and flush them down the toilet? Anyhowwwww.....I want to believe that he has quit the oxy. I really do. Time will tell I suppose. One thing I have noticed since we began speaking to each other again in late-February - he seems more rational/reasonable, level tempered and so much easier to talk to. Sadly, I cannot be sure if it's from being off the oxy or if he's just 'pacifying' me to keep me around. He's played so many good games in the past. I have told him of the noticeable changes I see in his personality and that I am not as reluctant or fearful to speak what's on my mind or, quite simply, be myself around him like I had been. He seemed surprised to hear that. Well, have a great day. I will check in later and I sure hope to hear that you're feeling better.

Scared Wife