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I fought the washing machine and the washing machine won.

What are the odds I herniated the leval above where I'd had a fusion in December??

On Sunday I decided that the pile of laundry (some since December) was never going to get done on its own, so I did some. A towel got jammed in washer so I lifted wet (heavy), STUCK towels up to resettle the load. As i was pulling and fighting them, something(??) made the pain in my back go to a whole new realm of pain, and my right leg and top of left foot went cold/numb. Hubby 1/2 carried me, half drug me to bed. I'm trying to function, but right leg is alternating between numb on backside and hurting on top. Top of legs have "curled in", and I can't stand upright or walk well. very nauseaus. Havn't upped any pain meds - I'm scared to after all I went through to get the meds i'm currently on (10 mg oxycontin 2xday and Vicodin 5/325 up to 4xday). Mostly I am staying VERY still. Back hurts at "higher level" (about waist level), but "hurts" doesn't begin to describe it. Emotional basket case, crying over nothing.

Hubby offered to take me to ER Sunday but I declined. So tired of spending endless $$ on my damn back!! Doctor is gone on Mondays... but got through today, and am went in for another xray that was to have been "STAT" called in and then based on those results maybe / likely an MRI tomorrow.. . and a new xray/mri could answer questions as to all the old stuff (STILL not healing from surgery - now have pain right above that level, plus now this wicked numb leg thing --it just keeps getting worse!!) I hurt...badly... its higher up then usual- so I know the initial concern was the fusion, but my guess is the level or 2 above??? Could that have been weaker -more inclined to be damaged in a round of tug-a-war w/ some wet towels?? I CANNOT stand upright, and laying flat numbs out my legs.... UGH!!!!!! Any guesses of what I did??

thanks, M