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:eek: Oh you poor person. I know the pain. You can Thank what's his name for that. Every since he admiited that he was addited to Vicodin. Doctors have een so scared to give anyone anything. That was all over the news. Now FDA has there hands in it. I had a doctor, that was giving me pain meds as needed. Then when all of this crab came on TV and in the newspaper, he made me go see a pain management doctor. That's what they are there for. They are the one's that can easily if everything has shown that you are in allot of pain than they should give you what you need. to bad you can't go to a Mayo Clinic. They would help you. I would suggest an Er room but they also are real strict on bad meds these days. I wish I could help. I'm here just to talk to if you need me. Please try not to give up.
Blueyedk :wave: