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Hi All. I'm new here so bear with me. Woke up 8 weeks ago with severe pain in mid back, radiating into right ribcage, where you're bra sits on the chest.
I had a cold, so just thought I coughed too hard. First the PCP thought it was shingles, but no rash. Had xrays. Negative findings. Blood tests, negative. 2 weeks later I sneezed while walking across the office, and the next day, had the pain in the exact same spot on the left side. Laying down causes the worst of the pain. Have Taken Vicodin, then they gave me Percocet. Nothing helps with the pain. Had an MRI which they say is normal. So my question is: what is a "high T1 and high T2 signal in the T9 vertebral body, characteristic of a benign hemangioma" mean. Could that cause all this ribcage pain I am experiencing, or is it just muscular? Most of the pain is in the ribcarge. But I almost always have pain in mid-spine.Started PT this week. Anyone?
Thanks..sounds like you all know , and have been through a lot more than me.