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Hello all!
I don't know how well I have been keeping you guys posted about my situation, but I will recap: I am 14 weeks pregnant with twins with a bad hydrocodone addiction. My OB insisted that the Withdrawal from hydro will "under no circumstances" harm the babies. She is still letting me do it my own way I guess kind of understanding my discomfort as she calls it. I know I sound bitter but that upset me that day. I had already made her aware of my habit and then the plan was for me to taper and see a phychiatrist. I was waiting for my appt. in a few days when I found myself with out my precious painkillers for about 24hrs. I panicked and called her office concerned about the babies, and that is when she said the babies would not be harmed. She said if it were a harder drug like Herion then yes, but vicodin withdrawal would not harm the babies. I was polite and said okay and then went about finding a small supply to get me by.
That story was more of a vent and not the point of my post.
I go to the pychiatrist on Monday and have been considering doing Methadone Maintanence and tapering down from that by the time the babies are born to prevent them withdrawaling. I have researched this and see it is a commonly used way to treat this type of thing during pregnancy but I have also seen how terrible w/d is from Methadone.
This leads me to stick with the original plan and taper off the hydro which has not worked at all. My use spiked back up to pre tapering levels. I feel guilty enough.
This is such a long winded post when what I am asking for is a good way to find a good tapering schedule to present to the pychiatrist and to my husband. If I put him in charge then I can't break the schedule and mess it all up. I think I owe it to the twins to try again, and make it work before subjecting them to the methadone which because of it's strength is dangerous to taper off of during pregnancy regardless of how slow.
So, any ideas of how to find a tapering schedule and thanks for all the love, support and prayers.
Oh, my. tulit your situation breaks my heart. My first thought is Oh, Stop NOW!!!!!!!, but being addicted to my own I can sympathize with you. Try whatever and just keep trying every day. Do you have an understanding and very strong Husband? I know when I put my Husband in charge of my pill...haha I'll tell ya....I worked him like a fiddle till the fat lady sang. He cant handle seeing me in misery and pain and I played on that and got what I wanted just about everytime I wanted, so that didnt work for me. All I can say is get inside yourself and think about those babies inside you....I mean get real deep and maybe you will get the strength. I dont care what that doctor said about vicodin not being a problem during pregnancy...she should have her license pulled and be shot!~!!...sorry..Im just a little beside myself right now thinking about your horrible prediciment.

My prayers are with you and your little one's......please, please, think about your babies.
liltulip, Hi there ! It's been awhile since we "talked". Anywho......I am glad you were able to find some pills to get you through when you ran out. I just dont know what your dr. was thinking telling you that the w/d's would not hurt your babies! Maybe not directly, but indirectly it would. Just stay strong and focused, you can get through this. There is a couple of other girls on this board who were in the same predicament as you. Look on the second or third page of this board, the one girl just posted a few short days ago. She succesfully weaned off the pills and had a few weeks clean before she delivered and her baby is healthy and didnt suffer any w/d's at all.

As far as a taper plan.....i went to my dr. this week and told him that i wanted to get off the pain pills and asked him if he would help me. He wrote me a wonderful slow taper. I posted it on another thread but i will write it again for you, maybe it would be one for you. I am sure that it is a slow enough one that you will feel minimal discomfort and it wouldnt hurt the babies. Here it is:

Vicodin 5/500

2 pills 4 x / day for 7 days
2 pills 3 x / day for 7 days
1 pill 4 x / day for 7 days
1 pill 3 x / day for 7 days
1 pill 2 x / day for 7 days
1 pill at bedtime for 7 days

I hope that this helps. I was so happy that my dr. was so understanding with me. You can do this too. Please keep us posted.

Oh yeah, are you and your hubby over the shock of having twins yet??????
It really is a blessing, and always remember, God doesnt give you any more than you can handle!!!!!!!

(((((HUGS))))) Valley