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This is true you are NOT alone. I was arrested last week for the same thing. Went to court for it and they looked at me gave a me another date to come back and told me to get a lawyer. You and I are going through the same situation right now. What I've done is I've taken time for myself to withdraw from the pills. I was taking up to 10-12 vicodin es a day and the last one I took was last Thursday and so far I'm doing pretty well. I started going to NA meetings, which are a god send. Please if you need to talk, come talk to me because we are in the same exact situation and it will get better. I know it's probably hard to see that right now but it will. Each day gets better for me. I think that if you get clean and stay clean you won't face as much punishment. After I sought out legal advice I was assured that because this is my first offense and I don't have a record of this that the judge will court order me to fines and to get help which is exactly what we need.

Hang in there and you know where we are if you need to talk...each day will get better!!!
Hello, Im Gil, and I have 7 hours so far of not taking any vicodin or butalbital(barbituates)(sedatives) which gave me a feeling of confidence even made me look better for some reason?! I was on them for many years, the doctor kept doling them out to me..I got into a terrible accident in 2000, survived it but continued to use. Im constantly praying to my higher power to help me and will attend N.A. meetings and hang around with people that "don't use". When I attempted to stop the medication I felt awful and drained, well you can imagine the feeling. Now, I just found out I am anemic and have a hemocrit level of 36 (red blood count). God be with me....