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Hi Guys,
Thanks for the advice, I just got back and the Pain in L3= None
Pain in L4= Pretty bad about 6
Pain in L5/S1= UNBELIEVEABLE I told him 20

The Pain I'm having now 8 hours later is BAD, I had a 2 1/2 hour ride home from doctor and I'm in constant pain.
The test itself I handled pretty well ( Great Anestesia doc) but the pain now is killing me. They gave me some Vicodin for the week, but I've never had good luck with them. Oh well it's over now, thats good.
Thanks Dave
She's absolutely right - the worst part is over, glad you made it through and that you had a compassionate doc!!!!

Also sounds pretty clear where your problems might lie. Get some rest and try and take it easy - sorry you had such a long ride.

Please keep us posted how you are.


your right about the vicodin, they probably won't do much...ice will help today and tomorrow though, it did for me :angel: