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Hi Everyone!

I have been reading these boards for since July 2004 to get some insight into hemorrhoidectomies and the PPH procedure. First of all, many thanks to FireWoman and Big Budha for their insight and entertaining analysis. FireWoman, you candor has helped me immensely in making this decision. I was supposed to have a PPH for three stage 4 internals last July + removal of one anal papilla (a nasty skin tag protruding from my bum) . I chickened out a few days before using my job as my justification. The surgery was the final piece in an 8 year saga with major hormonal issues (which caused these nasty hems in the first place).

I finally went through the PPH + papilla excision this past Monday. Ever since I have been reading the site to see Big Budha's progress. Today, I am feeling good enough to post. Like everyone has said, the major discomfort is the annoying feeling that you have to use the restroom only to find when you plunk down on the seat, it has all been a psych-out. I stopped taking the Vicodin after the 2nd day because the constipation was becoming unbearable and stuck to the Ibuprofin 800 mg instead (Haven't had the pleasure of doing any sitz baths as my wonderful monthly cycle decided to show up a few days early). I was able to have a bm the next day. It feels very surreal. I don't think I have ever had to concentrate so hard on passing a bm without straining in my life! I was expecting much more pain but the docusate sodium 250 mg combined with the Metamucil has made it easier. I am definitely in more pain deciding whether the fullness is real or not.

I have just one question--- how long has it taken to get back to knowing when a bm is coming for real? I feel well enough to go out but don't want to be somewhere inconvenient should I really have to go, nor do I want to spend all my time running back and forth only to be tricked everytime I sit down. Thanks!