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:wave: Dear Ann: I can relate to your whole story, today is my first day of recovery. Being addicted to vicodin and barbital (sedatives) for years, my life has been a living hell, rollercoaster, emotions going up and down, feelings of shame and the list goes on and on. I, like you, needed them in the am to get me going to work, now Im in a college computer class that wont end until October of this year. I needed them in the afternoon, I would pop them if someone got me mad and I would go into these tirades that you couldnt even imagine. I became a jekyll and hyde. People used to tell me that I "looked better" when I was on these pills, I felt more confident and ready to tackle anything that got into my way. But I am finished with my hellish life now and want to continue living, not ready to check out at this time in my life. Im going to some meetings today and for right now Im going to read some more of the feedback from the forum...Im happy for you...I know you can keep clean...one day at a time...tks..gl