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Thank you for your replies.I feel not to bad now emotionally.Just needed to get that out.and my familly gets tired of hearing me whine lol(theyre very supportive) and I get tired of whining too.
Quietcook yes my ins. is an HMO so it is quite difficult to get a second opinion unless I pay out of pocket to see someone out of my network $$$. I dont have. Ive seen an ortho, neurosurgeon,and neurologist(same hospital)They all say that their is nothing more they can do for me except refer me to pain managment.I do have an appointment but its not until the end of May for selective nerve root blocks(L4/5 and L5/S1).Hopefully they will help.(fingers crossed).Just dont know anymore though.
Kari thank for your thoughtfulness.I have been dealing with this for about a year and a half now.I certainly hope you dont have to wait that long for relief.It seems that I dont get a break from the pain very often maybe 1-2 days a month.(instead of an 8-9 its about a 5) which is tolerable. now if it was like that all the time I could better handle it.But Im going to push the doctors for more options(have had all the conservative measures ESIs SI injections PT and more PT).I take vicodin es and neurontin and cymbalta.The vicodin isnt helping as much as it used to must of built up a tolerance(ya think)lol and the doctor wont rx any thing stronger.
This post is alot longer than I thought it was going to be So Im going to try to get to sleep

Hoping everyone has a painfree night and a great day tomorrow

Take Care Barb