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Hey Cakes, A 10 mg Oxycontin only contains 1o mgs of oxycodone, whether he splits it or crushes it, he's not gong to get any more oxy than he would if he took two 5mg percs. Aside from the broken trust, you might want to inform this person that thanks to him you will now suffer withdrawal untill you are able to fill your next 30 day supply, great friend.

Although they don't put fill on or after dates on the script, the doc still keeps track of when you should be filling the meds, If your asked to bring in your bottle at the next apt or you have to brng in the bottle at the following months apt, if you fill that next script even 1 day early it may cost you your PM doc.

MY PM clinic now has us come in once a month for what they call a DEA apt, scripts are written and yes you have the ablity to fill them early at another store or by payng cash, but your doc can simply check the label on your bottle for the fill date and you pay the price. Try to suck it up an make it through those days without filling early, it could come back to haunt you. I would ask for any pills he has remainng back and explain the position he has put you in. They don't give us extra meds, the pharmacy doesn't put a few extra in there for our friends, we get exactly 30 days , no more, no less and it's easy for docs to check what day we are filling these scripts even without fill on or after dates on the scripts.

MY doc puts the fill date on the script that is stapled into my file, so when they check the date it's not guess work, it's precise. It doesn't matter what our prescription plans policy is, whether the will allow you to fill on day 27 or day 28, your doc expects you to fill on day 30. Your in a tricky situation, although you could explan the sitatrion, you still have a responsability to keep your meds secure and out of our "friends hand". A friend wouldn't send anther friend into withdrawal, risk their entire future in pain management over a toothache. There are dentists out there.

Sorry this happened, but as true as you story is, the docs have heard that same excuse over and over from people that abuse the meds and place the blame on some unknown person or some accident, the dog ate them, they fell in the sink, the pharmacy must have shorted me. Even with a police report, my docs office won't replace lost or stolen meds.

Personally I would get hrough those rough days rather than admit my meds were not secure or use the same story every addict has used over and over with every doc they see. Excuses just can't fly if the doc wants to continue to practice PM. Hopefully you have some BT meds you can put aside for those days, at a low dose like the 10's, a few vicodin per day would get you through without being miserable.

Yes it does stink, a friend of 20+ years got me for several BT meds just 2 months ago, He was complaining of neck pain and when he left several Roxicodone were missing from a daily planner where it's very easy to see where a shortage is or what day meds were taken from. Just this last weekend I found somene had taken a screw driver to my back door and tried to gain entry. I don't know if it was kids just lookng for valuables or someone I know looking for meds. Either way it's a bit unsetlling and I now have to hide my meds in the house somewhere they won't be found everytime I leave. It stinks that we have to go this far simply because we have been cursed with CP.

The less people that know about the meds the better. Pretty sad.

Good luck, Dave