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I was diagnosed with spinal stenosis 3 years ago. I did the physical therapy route, have taken pain meds. and I have received 2 sets of epidural steroid injections (which by the way did help). I have noticed this time that the ESI is not helping for as long a period of time as the 1st set did. I am also experiencing different symptoms. I still have the leg / foot pain, the general back pain and the tingling - but now I feel like I have pins sticking me in the back. I am concerned for many reasons. My symptoms are changing, worsening, and they are coming back quicker after the ESI this time. Also, I don't want to continually be on pain meds. because they make me very sleepy, etc. So here's the question, I am currently seeing an aneasthesiologist at a pain clinic for relief. He is the person who gives me the ESIs and prescriptions for vicodin and soma. I told him all of the things I just posted to you all - the sypmtoms worsening etc. and he basically said "Oh, well maybe you should see a doctor about that". Hmmmmm. So I did go back to my osteopathic general practioner and he told me to go back to the pain clinic and talk to them about it. So, I feel like I'm just getting the run around. Should I be seeing another type of doctor, like a neurologist or an Orthopedic doctor? I have no clue and neither doctor will point me in the right direction. I thought that maybe I should have another MRI done since it has been 3 years and things seem to be changing but they both said "no, that doesn't really show much" and left it at that. So, now what?? If I do need to see another type of doctor, can I initiate that myself or do they normally need a referral? Thanks in advance for your help.