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I have been posting here and there and realize that I have not really given a status update for quite awhile... maybe somebody has some words of wisdom?? Mostly I am SO FRUSTRATED...

I had a TLIF fusion w/ bmp L4-5 and a Lami L3 on 12/14/04 (after the usual ESI rounds and PT and rest/ice, anti-inflams etc). My dx was stenosis, ddd and herniation at L4-5 protruting into the nerve. I posted alot back right before and after my surgery.

Surgery went well, I recovered resonably fast, and went back to my desk job at 6 weeks. Pain from surgery went away pretty quick, but my back and leg pain has remained at about a 4-5. My x-rays however have shown virtually NO fusion, and a loose screw (my hubby thinks the fact I have a "screw loose" is very funny :p ). At about 12 weeks I started hurting worse ... right leg, right hip (very bad!!) and back (at fusion site and slightly above) 6-7 ish. Pain has increased since then steadily. 3 weeks ago I was doing laundery and did "something" (pulling heavy load of towels out) that resulted in pain so bad I couldn't walk. Also developed numbness (like hitting funny bone) down right leg (hip to toes) and on left foot. That now comes and goes. Pain lives at about a 7-8. Anyone else have horrible hip pain? That is my worst issue, also I walk like a 90 year old because standing upright HURTS.

My surgeon had me on Oxycontin 20 mg 2x day before surgery. after surgery at about 8 weeks he dropped it to 10 mg 2 x day with Vicodin 5/500 as breakthrough. He refuses to increase the dose and I have to fight for refills (went 4 days this month without anything). I am NOT a drug addict. :o

Wow this is getting long.

He doesn't want to do a new MRI, or anything .. just keeps telling me it "takes time to heal" (but should I be getting worse???) I finally begged and started aqua therapy 2 weeks ago (and go 2 x week, and it hurts SO bad, but I'm hoping it'll help in long run???) I also begged to see a Pain Management dr after the latest fight over my prescription and he refered me to his buddy (who did the esi shots) so i'm sure this guy is already warned about me being a "drug addict" . BTW, I've offered to take a drug test, and have offered to bring in my pill bottle to let him count the Oxy so he could count them mid-month... UGH!!

SO- That is my update... Thanks for "listening"...

The moral of my story is this: The doctor was NOT certified, not a spine specialist or anything... I chose him because he was closest to my house... DO NOT DO THAT - check out the dr's credentials!! I can't get another doctor to touch me until its been at least 6-9 months post-op!!