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My son is 18 and lives at home. We figured out he was smoking pot some time ago and I guess felt that if that was all he was doing in this day and age we were lucky, but I guess we were wrong. I know he has tried heroine, oxy's, zanax, vicodin, all at different times because he has admitted to this, but insists it's not a problem and that all he does now is pop an ocassional vicodin, but for us not to worry, it's no big deal, yada yada yada!
He is involved with a girl who is now in rehab, court ordered, so I'm sure she's still playing the system. From what I have heard she is really screwed up and has done many different drugs. From things I have come across she talks about sniffing the bad and dope and I'm assuming that heroine. We decided because of a few things we came across and the way our son was behaving and the fact that he is dating a drug addict, that we were going to home test him last week and of course he went off the walls when we told him. The first thing he did was refuse and tell us we were nuts, so we told him to leave the house, without his car that he lives for, and he did. He was back one hour later telling us that we could drug test him, and that it was going to come back positive because he had taken a vicodin a few days back, but he just does things like that once in a while, so it's no big deal. The test came back positive so we told him we are going to do this again and that if it's no big deal then he has a chance to quit on his own and as long as it comes back negative, we won't have a problem. We are going to test him again this afternoon. He has been home a lot since we first tested him 5 days ago and has seemed fine. I don't think he's addicted to anything, YET, but could be on his way if he thinks doing these things once in a while is o.k. I work in a mental health facility, in the human resource department, but I still have access to seeing what addiction does to people. I think he's probably doing more then vicodin, probably heroine, but knows already that they will show up the same, so figured he'd tell us the less of the evil. I told him positive is positive, it doesn't matter what it is, it's not allowed and that we will do everything in our power, as long as he lives under our roof, to make him stop. I ignored it for a while thinking he was smart enough to just experiment with a few things and stop, but I guess I wasn't thinking to brightly!! We have made an appointment for him to see somebody next week, but I haven't told him yet. His girlfriend will be out of rehab in two weeks and I am scared to death of that. She has been banned from our house because of the things she has done to us, she is either bipolar, or borderline personality disorder, and won't do anything to help herself. He enables her and thinks this relationship is the best thing ever in his life :rolleyes: I am praying that he to wants to stay in our home bad enough to go to counseling and stop doing drugs. I hope I never have to reach the day where we have to tell him to leave, but I know that day may come if he isn't ready to do this. I cannot have our daughter subjected to this and I won't just ignore what he's doing and allow him to stay home.
It sounds like you were very successful with your son and I'm praying that someday I can be saying the same thing. Thanks for shareing :)
Last night when I came home from work, I told my son about you, KFld, and your son. I will quote to you his exact words. " Ma, tell her to drug test him every day and threaten to kick him out if he fails." I had to laugh when he said it. This is the kid who was doing so much heroin, that last August he passed out at the wheel of his new car that his father had given him, crossed the yellow lines, sideswiped the car coming towards him and then hit a tree and wasn't even hurt. My son also told me last night that he will drug test his girl if he feels she is using.

A few weeks after my son detoxed, he was home alone one morning and he heard voices in the driveway. He went to the door and saw two guys coming up to the steps with ski masks on, screaming at him to let them in. He ran from the door to find the phone and when he did they took off. He thinks they thought that he might have been going for a gun (which we do not have). He called the police and then me and I went home. He didn't recognize them but he was honest with the police and told them that the guys were probably after drugs. We live in a small town where everyone knows who's doing what. This scared him a lot. Also a few weeks before my son detoxed, one of his friends, who also did Oxy's, committed suicide. This also frightened my son. It really brought the reality of the situation he was in home.

I buy the drug tests on line. I bought 50 opiate tests at $1.99 each. I know they are accurate because I tested them on myself so that my son couldn't try to tell me they weren't (I actually took a vicodin and tested myself every 8 hours after I took it). I think when I bought so many it really convinced my son I was serious.

I still don't completely trust him. I think it will be a long time before I do. My son also found it very easy to lie even when he was young. I think he too would end up believing his own lies

KFld, You have it harder than I did because of the girlfriend aspect of it. It must be hard for you to see him with a girl who is in the situation she is in and such a little manipulator. It's unbelievable that she would tell the police that you and your husband were doing drugs. I too worry when my son walks out the door. I can control what happens at home but when he is out there he is on his own.

Scared Wife,

I have been following your story too. My son was diagnosed as being Bi Polar. But he was diagnosed when he was doing heroin and opiates. Now that he is off them, his psychiatrist doesn't feel that he is truly Bi Polar.
My son won't go to NA meetings. He has convinced himself that so many of the people that go are court ordered and doing drugs in the parking lot. He doesn't want to run into any of the people he was dealing with. I then insisted he see a drug addiction therapist so he has been doing that.

But with my son it is the drug testing that keeps him straight and the thought of not being able to live at home.

I have to get back to work now. Thanks everyone. :angel:
I would probably do the same thing you are going to do, a week isn't going to make a difference especially if the counselor may help. Vicodin takes no longer to get out of your system than any other opiate. I did a lot of research on this subjuct. Many of the drug test sales sites have info on how long drugs stay in your system. Do a search. With Opiates I found sites differed a little but generally opiates stay in your system 1-2 days. I did see one site that said three days. Even my daughter understood that at first when I was letting him manipulate me she said---"Mom, your his mother-It's in your blood to never give up on him". But I keep trying to convince myself that even if at some point he relapses and I have to kick him out it won't be because I am giving up on him, it will be that I know it's the only way he will be able to find out for himself how bad things will really get when he's out on the street alone without the love and support of his family. I will check here tomorrow. Hugs and lots of positive energy to you--Joan :angel:
Something very interesting just happened and I"m trying not to get my hopes up. The first home drug test we took over a week ago looked like it came back positive for marijuana and opiates, but they also sent a package to send a sample to the lab for verification. I just called for the results and they said that it was only positive for marijuana. He admitted before we tested him that he had taken a vicodin a few days before, but I found out recently that won't show up on a opiat test. The second test we took showed up a very strong positive for pot and the line for the opiat almost looked iffy to me and I remember asking my husband to look at it because I was questioning whether there was a line or not and my husband just thought I didn't want to see the truth but I told him I had read somewhere that even the faintest, faintest line means negative. My son got really angry when we told him it came back positive because he swore he hadn't taken anything since the vicodin. We will test him again tonight and see what the results are before we decide what this could mean. Hopefully it means he's not as into as we thought, or it could mean he's taking vicodin which isn't showing up???? I'll keep you posted
I don't know about the opiate tests you are using but mine show up vicodin. I know this because I tested them myself with a vicodin. It came up very positive. You have to be careful when you buy the test because some test out at 2000ng and others at 300ng. The 2000ng ones will show up heroin but not oxycontin and the 300ng ones will show up any opiate including vicodin. I don't even know what an "ng" is but I assume it's some kind of measurment of some sort. Anyway, when I bought the test I did check with the company to make sure it was the ones that tested at 300ng. When I first started testing my son his lines were faint. I took it as a passed test because I read also that even a faint line meant that it was a negative test. Now though his lines are dark. Tha last time my son quit pot it took two months for him to pass a test because he smoked so much. I knew he wasn't cheating because he was going for a job he really wanted.

I really hope your son passes the test tonight and it does sound like he probably did pass that other test if the line was faint. When I took the vicodin, I tested myself about 6 hours later and there was no line at all, absoutely none.

Keep me posted, Joan
My family isn't aware of any of this yet and the only people who are are true freinds who are supporting me through all of this. Not one of them has told me to kick him out, but to get him all the help he needs. I feel bad that you don't have this kind of support, because believe me it helps.
Our situation went from bad to worse last night and the drug test was never done because there was another big issue to tackle. I looked out my window and my sons car light was on and I witness him and his girlfriend swing at each other. I went outside, called my son in and asked him what was going on. Of course he swears this is the first time this has ever happened, but I don't believe it. I have witness how angry this relationship makes him and I know she comes from a verbally and physically abusive family and he is apparently learning to be like this also. This is nothing he has ever learned from us and to me this is devestating. They were both equally hitting each other, which doesn't make it any better. I sat down and had a huge talk with my son about what is going on with his life and we were both crying. He kept saying he doesn't have a drug problem, that his problem is Sarah and that nobody can do anything to help. He said he's 18 and his life isn't my business and that is when I lost it. I told him I gave him life and that makes every part of it my business and the pain I see him going through is killing me. I told him he has many issues himself that make this a totally unhealthy abusive, enabling relationship and that I hope this counselor can help him to see these things about himself. He said the only thing that changed about Sarah is that she isn't doing drugs, but nothing else has. He has to learn that he is not responsible for her, only himself and his actions. He cannot change her, nor help her if she doesn't want it, but he can change and help himself. He insists he loves her and will make comments about how she's being nice to him right now. What does he do, cling to every moment of normalcey?????? and in between get so stressed that he can't handle his own anger.
I want to talk to the counselor about getting him drug testes elsewhere, because now finding out that we thought his first test was positive and wasn't I don't want to be questioning if every home test I do is correct or not.
Joan, I don't know if you are allowed to do this or not, but you mentioned the home test you do tests for vicodin, are you able to tell him what this test looks like and where you order it from. I called the company where I purchased mine and they said it tests for vicodin, but I just want to make sure incase we do keep home testing.

I don't know how much more I can handle without losing it myself. I actually called out sick from work today because I need a mental health day.
I just read the posting rules and I cannot tell you the name of the company where I got my tests but if the company you called said it tests for vicodin, I am sure it probably does. You could test yourself like I did if you can get a hold of one vicodin. My son's girlfriend hit him in the mouth the other day. He says he didn't hit her back. He says she is clean but their relationship is not a good one. Anyone who hits has a problem. He says the same things about his girl as your son says. They sound like two peas in a pod. I just hope your son gets it under control and does not have to through the two years of hell my son and I went through.
I already called the counselor that he is supposed to see on Thursday and told him about what happened last night. I'm not sure if my son is going to let me go in for the first visit to discuss the problems, so I wanted to make him aware of this if he doesn't. He definatley has anger issues when it comes to this relationship and he needs to get them in check quickly. This relationship is going to end him in jail either by drugs or domestic violence if he doesn't get some help.
I'm so terrified of taking any kind of drugs that I'm to chicken to take a vicodin even to check. I purchased a seperate test that will check for hydrocodone (vicodin) so either way if it doesn't show on one it will show on the other.
Not being a drug addict myself I had no problem taking one vicodin 6 months ago to assure my son the drug tests I bought work. I have been drug testing him 3-4 times a week for 6 months and he has passed every test. We both know the tests are accurate so we are both satisfied with the outcome. If their had been any doubt in either of our minds as to whether the tests were accurate or not I don't think they would have helped either one of us be confident about the results.
Quote from joanharvest:
Not being a drug addict myself I had no problem taking one vicodin 6 months ago to assure my son the drug tests I bought work. I have been drug testing him 3-4 times a week for 6 months and he has passed every test. We both know the tests are accurate so we are both satisfied with the outcome. If their had been any doubt in either of our minds as to whether the tests were accurate or not I don't think they would have helped either one of us be confident about the results.

Yes, Joanharvest, I know you tested the drug-test kit on yourself and I admire you for having he courage to do that. We know that you did it out of love for your son. Nobody could fault you and your logic is sound.

At this stage of the game, I just couldn't take a drug without an affliction. Like you and so many others watching our loved ones self-destruct with drugs, I can't stand the thought of taking any pill that would alter my thoughts or feelings.

Joanharvest, your experiment and advice have been very helpful and informative to many of us on this forum.