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Hello again
I am so mad, hurt, and in alot of pain..........i have a buldge at L5/S1. I went in to see the np.....she treated me like i was a junkie. This is the 1st time that i have met her.......i have seen Dr k for more then a year, and he had had me on vicodin es since the first visit......i have this strange pain that goes around my side...was told that it was shingles (3 years ago). I have had xrays, ct scans, blood work....all normal. So by now i have built up a tolerance to the pain meds.....so when this happened...yes i took more to control it. After a year my toes went numb, i have told him at EVERY visit that the sciatic pain was bad. His np (he was not there...she would not refill any meds....not even offer any nsaids, ultrams...nothing she said that i needed pt)..I feel like he has been jacking me around for a year...why not an mri earlier...why not pt earlier??? I DO NOT like being on these drugs.
OK back to the mri...no ddd...or any hernation. Whats the difference between a buldge and herniation....is a buldge a hernation waiting to happen??? Did this mri tell the whole storey????? Am I addicted to vicodin and if so how do i get off of them?????? I am almost out.....isnt it dangerous to suddenly stop these???????
She acted like it was a hang nail. I was questioning her as to why the pain is SO bad at night (sorry, but i have been up since 2 am...pain woke me) She said, the pain is bad because everything hurts more at night. Does this make any since to anyone ...once the sun sets, do the pain monsters come out??? Should I hang garlic around my doors????
OK....am i making a bigger deal out of this then it needs to be?? I have an appt next week to see DR k....i think i am going to keep it....he has always been nice and kind and understanding. She made me feel like a low life. One part of the mri i didnt understand was :Midline soft tissue edema in the superficial subcutaneous tissues of L1 thru L4 (something i cant read) levels. Does this just mean i am fat?????
I have a number to a spine dr i am calling in the am to get an appointment.
I have had to take a leave of abscence from work because of this.
Thanks for listening to me....sorry for the sarcasm.....and temper tantrum.

Coco & Carol

Thanks for the encourgement. I have been up most of last night, and i know by the way my back feels....burning pain between my shoulder blades...that sleep will be hard tonight. I get myself so "spun up", that nothing shuts me down...its a cycle ...pain..muscles tighten..more pain....more spasms....i am treating my vicodins as if they are the absolute LAST thing i can take....gotta make them last.
I have another ?? Is the burning between me shoulder blades....muscle spasms?????
Thanks once again