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Hello Bw

3 years ago, I was diagnosed with what Dr F thought was shingles, it was a burning pain that wrapped around my left side.....well it has never gone away....I have had 2 other drs give their opinion, i have had acupuncture many times, treated with tons of herbal stuff, i have had xrays, 2 abd ct scans w/o contrast, bloodwork, urine tests...all normal. I have been on vioxx, celebrex, bextra, taking advil & tylenol and 3 different antidepressants (which is another drug i WILL NOT take) .. One Dr said costochronditis (and wanted to treat with cortisone injections.....I will NOT have done) another Dr said splenic flexure (gas trapped in the intestine...i have had no gi signs), but i have told him that i cannot get up out of bed in the am without hubbys help..(thats if i sleep thru the night...the sciatic usually wakes me up and i got to move to the couch with pillows under legs )...my back is really stiff and sore..... this is the current dr who finally ordered a mri on my spine.........I have complained to each and everyone of the above drs about sciatic pain. He put me on vicodin es for "bad days", ultraset and xanax for stress and sleep (this was 1 year ago)........About 4 months ago the ultraset started to make me nausous (sp). So i started to take more of the vicoden..talked with the dr about it (I didnt just do this on my own).....which i think i have probably developed a tolerance to...........when i went to get the results of the mri & refill the meds his np treated me like a junkie....and she would not refill ANYTHING!!!! I still have some left...i have a 50 minute drive to that office..i wish i would have brought my bottle and showed her i still had some left. I have talked to other people who have seen this np, and left feeling like they were a pia for her to have to waste her time on. Yes there are times that it takes 2 to get the pain under control. I guess after 3 years and finally a reason for this pain....i just want it gone. I am sick of taking pills......and i will NOT have cortisone injected, or by pills. I am a reg vet tech (retired....since the 1st of the year, because of the above "wrapping" pain, hoping that "taking it easy", and less stress would help) I have seen the side effects of dogs, and cats on steriods. I have a cat with addisons disease caused by steriods. One of my best friends has cushings disease. I just have a bad feeling about it.

Well once again thanks for listening!!!!!!!