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One word…Wow! :eek:

Your doctor tapered you off of Neurontin in three days!?! How much were you taking, and for how long? That sounds like a horror story in the making to me, three days? I am still taking Neurontin, (2400mg a day for the last 2 years) and seem to function ok, sure it was rough going in the beginning, but I do get relief from it. And like Star, I have heard that the side effects are more annoying on Cymbalta than they are with Neurontin. But like you must have heard over and over, every one is different, I hope it does give you more relief than grief.

Back to my functionality testimonial regarding the use of Neurontin, I had some unrelenting anxiety concerning my ability to go back to school after being out for 30 years while taking Neurontin and Vicodin, but those fears were unwarranted as I am getting A’s in all of my classes (well, finals are next week, I’ll tell you then if my A’s hold up).

I have tried to taper off of both the meds, but to no avail as the pain and immobility creeps back in. I am hoping that I will graduate to OTC pain meds in about another six months, we’ll see.

Anyway, I just thought that I would put my 23 cents in. I wish you success with the Cymbalta.