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Greetings everyone. I've written last week on this board because I was worried about my failed radiofrequency lesioning procedure however, I went to my followup appointment today and have been scheduled for discography.

Here's what I have: Desicating disc with annular tear at l4/l5 disc with sciatic pain that radiates down my right leg, I'm in constant pain every day and they're even talking about changing my meds. I've been on Vicodin for SO long I'm tired of it. That's my other question, neurontin v. morphine? Which is bettre?

I've read about this online however I need to know anyone out here's experiences with this procedure. Does it hurt? What was the next step after they did the discogram? What did the doctors decide to do based on your results? Any information is greatly appreciated.

They told me today that based on what the results are, they will do IDET. I've been very against this but well, has anyone out there had that procedure? I remember when I went to a neurosurgeon last december and he put in his doctor's notes that he doesn't agree to have IDET. I'm dealing with PM. So.......any thoughts in this are greatly appreciated.