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I have now been off of vicodin for about two weeks now. My doctor gave me tramadol to help. If you remember my story I was taking about 3-5 regular strength vikes a day for over two years. I tried so darn hard to stay off of them. I tried clonidine, I tried ct, tapering and I was not able to leave them alone. I doctor shopped like crazy.

I have been taking 30 mg tramadol one pill twice a day for about two weeks now. I have not exceeded the dosage ever. It helped like crazy. I take one in the morning and one in the afternoon and then I wait about 18 hours to take another the following day. I can tell there is a small amount of craving with the tramadol but nothing near as bad as the vikes. Also I can tell the that wd's from tramadol are nothing compared to vicodin. I was never able to go a 18-20 hour period without vicodin. With tramadol it really is nothing. I have four more pills of tramadol for the next two days and for the first time in two years I know I will be okay when I stop. I know there maybe some uncomfortability but that I can handle, the wd's from the vikes were awful every time. I hope everyone is doing good.

God's peace

Hey Andrew! I was worried about you! You didn't post for sooo long! I am curious, did the addiction specialist put you on the Tramadol or did you go somewhere else. I remember that you were going to an addiciton specialist and the nurse was going to give you the Vicodin twice a day, but you had to go to her to get them. Did you end up doing this? Tell us what happened. We care about you and we MISSED YOU!