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I have had the pleasure of having 3 root canals in 1.5 weeks. I keep going back for pain. I have even been to the ER twice. I was on Vicodin and now they got me on percocet. I go back to my endo monday, but the pain is spread all over my mouth and unberable.
Any suggestions.
I am 26. I just got back frome the endo . When i said the clear other side, I meant the left and right were now sore. My endo thinks that the majority of my problem is from grinding my teeth in my sleep. My left side was is so much pain that I relied too much on my right side. They adjusted my bite on the left side to where the teeth did not touch until they put the bridge on. So he thinks that I started grinding my right side. There is a tooth over there that is pretty bad also. I am going to my regular dentist tomorrow. He took me off the percs because my mother said that I was screaming peoples names and jumping all night. He gave me vicodin to take as needed, he numbed me up, and told me to take one of my xanax (anxiety) 2 hours before bedtime, and if I wake up during the night with pain, or cant go to sleep, to take a vicodin. And I may have to take one tomorrow until I go to the dentist. The dentist is suppose to make me a retainer tray to sleep in. Soooooooo hopefully he is right and this is it. I am glad that I got some theory! My endo is awesome! He said that grinding sore/infected/bruised teeth is like hitting someone in the nose after a nose job. :o
After reading this thread I must add my two cents. Not that what happened to me is common, but I do want others to be aware of what can or might happen with a bad root canal. I had my first root canal done last December, had a lot of pain, everything you all have been talking about. (Vicodin didn't work, among others....) After weeks of no resolution, and inflamed gums, pain, fevers, etc., several different dentists, endodontists (and three rounds of 10-day antibiotics) I finally made it to a doctor (oral surgeon) at a teaching hospital in a different city, who was finally able to help me by taking a biopsy...and my infection had moved into the bone of my jaw (osteomyelitis) which is why I wasn't getting any better. Bone infections are very serious if left unchecked for long periods of time. Long story short, I had to have surgery to remove the infected bone (fortunately a small area) and then I had to have 6 weekes of IV antibiotics (4x a day, through a pic line in my arm.) I have been an amazingly healthy person my whole life, I'm a fitness instructor, eat healthy, am not overweight or have any illnesses or other conditions that would have predisoped me to an infection. The best advice I can give if you are not getting proper care and resolution is to go to a teaching hospital ideally with a dental school, and go to an oral surgeon or specialist there. It is now May and I am finally going for the crown on that same tooth this week. I am finally feeling back to normal, back teaching my classes, and feeling great. Good Luck!
Hi! I just had my first root canal about amonyh ago. And it had to be done twice, the second time was so bad that I literally cried through the entire 3 hour ordeal because they could not keep me numb. My dentist finally had to stop after only cleaning out 3 of the canals. I then had to go back and have the last canal done, but he gave me valium before the procedure and it went better. But after all of that it triggered a flare up with my TMJ. Ihave either called or been in the dental office every week since, with some sort of pain. He gives me vicodin and soma, a muscle relaxer. I had a couple of good days and then yesterday started having intense pain in another tooth. I feel like I am ahypocondriac and am worried that I could become addicted to the pain medication. I am going back today to get the temporary crown put on the tooth that had the root canal, and I am very anxious about this. The pain never completly goes away with the meds it just gets less intense. Has anyone had similar problems?
Bless your heat. I ended back up in the er the other night. Demoral didnt even cure my pain. Went back to the dentist and once again they adjusted my bite. They put me back on Vicodin, I have stayed on top of it pretty well, every 4-6 hours. But I hate it because it depresses me. I am going to switch to Motrin tomorrow. I just cant let the pain get out of control again. Good luck!
Good luck with the motrin hasn't done athing for me ,went back to vicodin. Maybe it is the constant pain that is depressing you,because every time a new problem comes up I just sit and cry! Good Luck to you, hopefully there is relief in sight for us all.