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:) hi guys I am new to this whole boards thing but I see me in all of you. I have been taking vicodin for years and years after a car accident. It is to the point that I take it to function normally. I have been off of vicodin for a few days now only because i have ran out and totally used up all my resources. Doctors only want to give you so much and I am sick of buying it off the street. The truth is if i had some right now i would take a whole bunch to make up for time lost. Is that sad? Yes it is. I want to get my life together and i dont want a pill to make me feel good inside and normal. It has become my security blanket. Everytime my life seems to be crashing down, which is a lot i depend on my vicodin to take that pain away. I am in a relationship now that is crazy ups and downs and i think vicodin keeps me sane sometimes and without it i could not endure what i feel. I have to admit though that we all seem the same in a similar way. I feel its terrible that a bottle of pills can brighten up my day and make me feel secure when i should be making my self feel secure. So its been a few days and i feel ok with things,well actually i feel edgy and ready to blow my stack, but reading what you guys say makes me feel better even though i have no idea who any of you are. So if any body wants to talk with me i will be totally open to it. I am gonna try this time I made it for awhile now and i have to get my life in order. So tell me guys when your not taking pills how do you deal with things in a normal way. Once i beat this thing i am gonna turn my life around. So to anybody who reads this thanks because your words, as crazy as they are are me too.
Posse789: I'll tell you what I told Ukonom:

He had back surgery a couple of years ago, which I believe, started it all. When we first started dating, he blacked out twice and both times went to the emergency room. After tests and heart monitors, the dr's determined he had low blood pressure causing the blackouts. He was at my brother's house visiting with me when he was telling my family the story of his blackout and my sister-in-law offered him some vicodin to help with the pain. Then, a few weeks later, I ran some errands for him because he couldn't get out of bed to make a flight for work. I picked up a prescription for him....hydrocodone (supposedly to help him carry his luggage during his trip). A few days later I had mentioned I had some leftover vicodin from oral surgery and he asked if he could have some because his dr was out of town. Stupidly I agreed and gave him 10. Then a few days later he asked me again. Stupidly I gave him the rest....about 50 of them. Then yesterday he went to the dr for supposedly IBS and the dr gave him more pain pills. You see, he's late for everything.....but not a dr's appt. We'll go to dinner and his words will slur. He calls in sick to work...a lot. His job is in jeopardy. His house is a mess. He's behind on his bills. All the signs are there and I'm just now seeing them.

Did you know blackouts & low blood pressure, along with everything else I mentioned is a sign?

Do you think these are issues to be concerned with?
mimi I think if he is slurring his words he is way out of hand. how long has this been going on. I guess you could tell him to get some help. have you ever told him that? Either way he wont stop unless he wants too. I have never blacked out from vicodin the most i have ever taken in one day has been 11 and i could still function. I guess i was slurring then, but i was out of hand then and knew that that was crazy. You should sit down and talk to him because he probably does have some other things going on besides pain. I understand pain and know what it feels like to hurt but for him to be taking yours and getting more is a problem. I have done it a million times and i would take it from anyone i could. I have been doing this for 5 years so i know everything about the ups and downs. I have been having real bad headaches, chills, anxiety that thing but you have to help him. If you love this guy offer what you can. No one has ever sat with me and listened to how i feel about my problem and when people did they forgot what i said the next day. In the end the only one who can help him is him. Sometimes people go off the edge so i would be concerened in that aspect. I would worry about an overdose tell him to get on here and talk to me if he wants. I feel for you because dealing with an addict is a scary thing I have to say i am one, but i also am very well put ogether and have a good head i just got messed up with this **** write back