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Hi Dave. I have had two surgerys on my back to relieve a disk pinching a nerve so i know a good amout about this subject. First of all, if you took a muscle relaxer and the pain went away, you definatly do not have a pinched nerve. Nerve pain is probably close to the top of the worst pain possible list. The only meds that relieve nerve pain are strong opiates like vicodin, norco, and oxycontin. You probably would have been in the ER by now, i know i was.

This is great news for you. You probably just pulled some muscles. This is also quite painful but is relieved with diffrent meds (like muscle relaxers) and usually goes away within a week or two.

My advise is to go back to the doctor and get some more muscle relaxers if they helped and stay off your feet as much as possible until you feel better. Good Luck :wave: