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Yup. Went to the ER two months ago with deep, hard chest pain.

My internist (who was awesome!) had left her practice, I had been assigned someone new, and when I called the office I explained the MS situation...this has happened before...can I have this med and stop by for a quick checkup as usual when this flares.

The new internist ordered me to the hospital, where I explained to two nurses what the situation was. When the doc examined me, they hadn't even told HIM yet. So I explained it a third time..went through every test & xray imagineable for possible heart risk...only to have the doc come back and smugly inform me that it was NOT my heart.

He gave me a talking to about the many different kinds of chest pain (speaking to me like I am child), then handed me a scrip for Vicodin...which I WON'T take. FINALLY, the discharge nurse came in...are you ready for this? She asked what I thought the problem was, so I explained about the MS AGAIN and told her about my experience in the ER, and she apologized for everyone, telling me, "We have an ER nurse who has MS...they ALL know what MS is about. Some days are good, some aren't. Sounds like you just need rest and some Tylenol." AGH!!!!

That final nurse was more understanding and compassionate and helpful than the doctor and two other nurses I saw in ER. Why won't people just listen? I KNOW there are GREAT docs out there..I have been blessed to have a few as my physicians as I have lived in different places around the country. But there is a whole other breed of doctors who wear arrogance like a badge. Makes me so mad...