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Hi MrG~
So good to hear you are 26 days clean! Congratulations! I understand that feeling that the pills are "haunting/talking to" you! When I was newly sober I remember my husband having some Vicodin in the house for a surgery and I was sure they were screaming at me! That does get better, but if you possibly can, I really would try to flush them. Protect yourself from those moments of insanity that could overwhem your better intentions. Slips happen that way.

Other than the OTC Benydryl type meds that Director mentioned, I wanted to mention a prescription med that has helped me to sleep. Trazadone (Deseryl is the brand name). It is safe for those of us in recovery (not addicting) as it is basically an antidepressant. At small doses it is a great sleep aid (I take 50mg.) Actually it is just the side affect of drowsiness that makes it work. In larger doses (like 300-400mg) it is effective as an antidepressant. I know you asked for OTC, recs, but if all else fails, you might want to ask your doctor about it. It's less "habit forming" than Ambien, and doesn't cause tolerance.

just my 2 cents!

Hang in there~ You're doing great!