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Hey guys i made it through almost two weeks without any vicodin. Wow it was real bad the first four days I was so cold i could feel my bones grinding together. I had to work all week and spent most of my job time in the bathroom. It was terrible. Right now i feel so alive and awake I cant even believe what i have been missing for so long. I have been laughing for real and crying for real. I am not fake anymore and I like who i am. Well, I am a little irritable still, but I am doing it. My big problem now is i can not sleep. I havent slept a good night since,my legs are so restless. Maybe its because my body is saying wow whats going on your not hurting me right now. Well anyway oxy if your reading this reply to me because i cant find you. Hey all of you that think you need them you really dont, because after one week or so you will feel like a million bucks. I am kind of scared though because i used to depend on my pills when things were bad, but today i turned down three vicodin at work. I am so proud of myself and i want to tell everyone but only those who have this problem will understand. Anyone have any ideas for my sleeping problems without narcotics?Thanks you guys for your letters before. I feel like i have a million people behind me, and now after so long i feel strong enough to do this right and stay off the pills. Also dont think you cant quit because you can. I never thought i could and here i am sober as ever and looking at myself with my own blue eyes, not some glaze cover up. You guys know what??? I like my clear blue eyes. Thank you everyone for being there in spirit for me. It did help alot take care posse789 :bouncing:
Congratualtions on your accomplishment! I can NOT wait until the day I can say that I've been w/out vicodin for a couple of weeks! It only been 22 hrs for me so far! I say "only" but it is a big accomplishment! Would love to hear if you have any tips on making this just a little easier or if you could let me know what to expect! Thanks & keep up the good work!!!!! ~Kim