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Ya know that is how i tapered off of oxy when i was hooked last year....
I jumped down to vicodin the 5/500. And you will still feel some w/d but not nearly like going c/t...
Suboxone has been a life-saver for many, but i can't give too much advice about it. I have seen it help many.
Also, if you are gonna continue to taper down off of oxy, no more CHEWING or snorting! You actually have to swallow the pill from here on out LOL
So if you are considering tapering further w/out going to a doctor, i would stock up on immodium and gatorade, stabilize a few days on the minimal amount of oxy you can, then jump to vikes for a couple of weeks, then maybe jump down again to darvocet or ultram, then jump off of that. It wouldn't be a bad idea to seek some sort of medical help though. Going at this alone is rough. But it can be done. Me and a very good friend of mine were OXY FREAKS for a good couple of years. I stopped but my friend is still "on the train" getting sicker and sicker, doing less and less in life. I just don't miss the craziness of getting more, and the moodiness i had while on pills, was horrible. I must have been a very miserable person to be around for the past couple of years. Well enough about me. I will help you any way i can, i am no professional, be definitely have the experience of detoxing off of oxy many times---
hang in there, and consider stabilizing the next couple of days and work on not chewing.....baby steps, just take this one day at a time or you will get too overwhelmed.
Give me a yell if you need to chat, and i will be curious to see what route you take. Whatever the route, i wish you the best of luck. You are fighting for YOUR LIFE BACK...this is the fight of your life, the fight FOR your life.
Make a plan and stick to it. Be strong.
Quote from ScaredHelpless:
Hi Guys Its me again...I'm at my breaking point and need some advice quick. I have been taking Oxycontin for almost two years now. I have been as high as 120mg a day (chewed) But I have tapered myself down to about 80mg! I can't do anymore by myself I am so scared and I want my life back. I look at other people and think how much I would give to be back and sober two years ago. I dont want to go on anymore if I cant get control. So here are some questions please any info will help.....I am deathly afraid of the w/d's and have researched a little about Suboxone. I am so afraid to go to a doctor though, I dont know why...I guess I'm embarassed or I dont know I just can't do it....Could you guys give me some info on your experiences with Suboxone is hard to get? Do you have to go to specific doctors? Anything please!! Suboxone may be the first ray of light I have seen through the dark clouds in alooong time. Any words of wisdom how to just DO IT..Quite thinking about it...also would it be stupid to "step-down" to Loratabs I'm so confused.......

I went through this for 2 years. I was a hardcore, sticking needles in my arms, and wherever else I could find veins to use. I was using fetynal, oxy, and morphine. I lost my job and was left out in the cold. I had no choice but to quit. It was something that I had wanted to do for a long time, I sounded just like you. I hated myself so much. I caused my family so much pain, but I didn't care, all I wanted was more. I was doing 120mg. oxy a day. When I couldn't get any, I would take vicodin, or darvocet, or anything I could get my greedy little hands on just to make me feel normal. It was to the point that it didn't matter how much I did, I still didn't get that rush like I first did. It was hard. When I finally hit rock bottom, I had to quit, I had no choice. With the help of 5 vicodin, 3 darvocet, and some ultraset, I kicked the habbit. It has now been 8 months since I last relapsed, and I feel like I own the world. It is still very hard, I find myself still trying to get a fix, but it's not available. I let go of all my connections for it. Now I don't have a choice, but to stay sober. Which is the best thing for me. If I was you, kick the habbit, and stay away from it, if it is in your face, YOU WILL DO IT, but if it is not around you, your life will be much easier to deal with.